Sunday, 7 July 2013

My New Mani

Today I was little bored so I was looking for bohemian nail art inspiration to do by myself. I found this lovely pattern and decided to try it, but as you know I'm a very lazy person so I've done only one of my nails. What a shame... Don't judge me, it's my first try so it isn't as perfect as I've seen it on internet.

Let me know what is your favourite nail art style :)

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Review | Oriflame Lip Spa Therapy Lip Balm

Recently I bought this amazing lip balm. It was about £4, it's quite expensive to pay only for lip balm, but it's worth. After the first use I was very regret that I bought it, but now I'm just inlove with it. My lips becomes very soft. The white part in the is the moisturizer that makes my lips flawless. I can't remember what the pink area actually helps. I recommend this lip balm for all who have dry and damaged lips. It's amazing!

 Maybe you can tell me about your lip care products? Let me know :)

Saturday, 6 July 2013

Random Photo Tag

I have seen that many blogger doing this and I want to do it aswell.

You have to go to the 3rd file in your pictures then the 3rd image and explain it.

Mine was this crazy photo with my friends...

My best friend Evelina, me,  and my two crazy friends Emile and Gabriele

We haven't seen each other for ages so we decided to gather and have a little girls party. This photo was taken by 'Web Cam Toy' at Evelina's house. We had such a great time and I'm happy that we have photos to remember all that funny time. I'm happy to have such good friends. I love them so much! :)

I tag everyone to do this if you haven't done yet. It would be fun to see your photos. :)

Wednesday, 3 July 2013

My Hair Care Products

My hair is very unruly so I have to take a good care of them. I have tried many different products, but nothing helped or only made worse. I couldn't go anywhere without straighten my hair before because they were too stubby. But then I discovered these amazing products which I'm using every day!

1. After I wash my hair with shampoo I use Syoss conditioner. It makes my hair feel softer and add more freshness. I can't say that it makes wonders, but for my hair it's really good.

2. I use Got2b anti-frizz lotion and Gliss Kur liquid silk after I take my hair out of the towel. Got2b lotion makes my hair more obedient and not so frizz. Gliss Kur liquid silk softens and smoothens my hair in no time! They are really good.

3. And when my hair needs extra care I use coconut oil to moisten or just pamper them. Also I use it for my dry skin. It's good for everything, I love it!

So this is everything I use for my unruly hair. Hope you guys like it. Do you have your favourite hair products? I would like to know :)